FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

The distance on the river is 5 miles and lasts an average of 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
Yes, they are to remain on for the entire trip.
Yes, all guests are required to go through our safety talk… even the regulars who come year after year. They are not too long and are provided for your safety.
Never take your keys down the river. Lock all valuables in your car and leave the keys with us. We
have a key rack behind our counter and your car will be kept secure while you’re on the river. Locksmiths charge a fortune to open your car and make a duplicate for you.
Yes, but they must weigh a minimum of 40 pounds or be 4 years old.
Stay on the river and keep going. Never get out and sit under a tree. You are far safer on the water.
Although the Tuckaseegee is one of the warmer rivers in the mountains, on first contact the word “cold” has been mentioned, but you soon adjust.
Yes! We are excited to offer our new cabin, Lazy Acres at Highfield Cabins, as a lodging option for your stay in the North Carolina Smokies. Learn More & Book Your Stay at Highfield Cabins.

Unusual FAQs

No, the river does not go around the mountain and back…you’ve been to too many theme parks.
Downstream – if you can paddle up the river we would like for you to work for us.
Yes, the boats cost a lot of money.
Once again with the theme park thing…that’s why we give you paddles.

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