Tuckaseegee River Water Levels: What You Need To Know

How High’s The Water, Mama?

Understanding the Tuckaseegee River water levels is key to a great day on the river!  The Tuckaseegee River originates in the higher peaks of Western North Carolina from several tributary streams and unseen branches which merge into two forks that are dammed by Cedar Cliff Lake and Bear Creek Lake. These two forks  – the East and West – come together a couple miles downstream. Water Levels of the Tuckaseegee River are controlled by dams located on these forks.

Duke Energy controls the water flow from the dams on a planned schedule. You can access the Tuckaseegee River Water Release Schedule here.

When planning your trip to the Tuckaseegee River, you should always consult the water release schedule to choose the best boat and days for your rafting trip. I will break down the information for you here to help you better understand…

Tuckaseegee River Water Levels: Know Your Release Colors

If you are like me, I am a visual person. You can see the difference in high and low water levels from these two photos taken at the same rapid.
Tuckaseegee Rafting NC - Smoky Mountain River Adventures
Still unsure of how all this works?  Just give us a call 1-888-785-2662. We will be happy to help you in making the best decision for your rafting adventure!